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This icon is a cross. There are two crosses in this icon, both are shaped like a lower case "t". The first is larger and the second is smaller, and it is placed inside the first cross.

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Ideia de ícone para Cruz por Zexis Stryfe

Nós recebemos a ideia em July 28, 2012 e criamos os ícones em August 11, 2013

Religious icons: cross, star of david, yin yang, dharmacakra, star and crescent, pranava, ankh, torii, triskelion

God, the Devil, Angel, Demon too

Story about Cross Icon

Cross is a geometrical figure of two intersecting lines. It is often associated with religious symbols for Christians. According to research, it first appeared as petroglyphs in European cult caves beginning in the Iron Age. There are also cross-like symbols used as emblems. These symbols are used by different religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. Also, the cross is also used as a design element such as crossed swords, clover, and skull and crossbones.

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Because of it is generally known as a religious symbol, cross can be found in different religious places:

Cross is also used as an accessory in jewelry because of its sophisticated look:
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Ring

Cross also appears in different things:
  • When making a promise, kids would say, “Cross my fingers”
  • Used as a symbol for intrestion or even railroad crossing
  • Used in different flags such as Lithunia and Greece