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映画 - 無料のWebアイコン

Câmera de Parede Ícone em Outros Estilos
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Windows Metro
Ícones relacionados são os ícones com as tags correspondentes, bem como all segurança icons. Todos os ícones são no mesmo estilo plana. Você pode baixar ícones PNG livres ou buy SVG vectors
Ideia de ícone para Câmera de Parede
The icon is a picture of a camera mounted on a wall. The camera is facing left. The camera has a cone shaped lens and a rectangular body.
Este é um ícone de Câmera de Parede. Está disponível em PNG e vetor. Download é gratuito para PNGs até 100x100px.

Ideia de ícone para Câmera de Parede por Lev

Nós recebemos a ideia em November 01, 2011 e criamos os ícones em January 17, 2012

Photo/video production

I would love to see different kinds of cameras
- compact camera
 camera icons
- professional camera
camera icon
- consumer camcorder
camcorder icons
- professional videocamera
video camera icon
- webcam
web camera icon
I'd like to see that too.

História sobre o ícone Câmera de Parede

Taking people's picture in a non-creepy way has never been easier. Simply print out this free downloadable camera icon, place it anywhere you want, and start snapping away at…
  • Naked couples
  • Clothed couples
  • Weird couples
  • Energetic individuals
  • Naked individuals
  • You name it!
You can also place this free icon on your new business cards before you print them out, so that you can hand them out to… well, you get the point.

Another useful symbols: video camera icon and movie camera icon.

At first cameras weren't too mobile and easy to use. They were bulky; it took ages to make photos and print them, but we had to start somewhere.

camera icon

George Eastman started the revolution: he developed the "Kodak" film camera and started to sale it in 1888. Kodak slogan was witty: "You press the button, we do the rest". So everybody could shoot film henceforth, as it was easy as pie!

Then Polaroid suggested another trick: to shoot and print photos instantly! All process took under one minute. What a great idea! This became extremely popular, as there was no need to visit photolabs and waste time by standing in lines.

But that's not the end of the story: then Kodak made a new breakthrough and invented the digital camera. The first DSLR camera was sold in 1991 and it took the world by storm! So, the huge drawback of film was that it was impossible to see what you had just shot. Polaroid also printed shots before you could see what was on them. Digital technology allows you to see shots immediately and quickly retake them, without any printing. Nowadays techology keeps improving, so the sky is the limit!

Proper Usage

You may use camera icon in any topic related with photography.
For example, when photography is prohibited, the icon most often is used by this way:

 camera icon

Another pretty cool thing is about selfie. For example, when selfie is allowed, you may see something like this:

camera icon
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