Ícone de Usuário em estilo Android

Este ícone Usuário tem estilo Android KitKat. Se você usar os ícones para aplicativos Android, recomendamos usar o nosso pacote mais recente de ícones estilo Material (consulte o nosso barra lateral à direita). Caso contrário, é um pacote de ícones sólido que parece ser bom em pequenas resoluções, seja na web ou na impressão. É caracterizada por linhas grossas, cantos suaves, e é otimizado para 24x24 pixels.
It is the drawing of an enclosed outline of the front profile of a person. The outline includes the head and shoulders. The outline looks like a man, or a woman with short hair.

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Ideia de ícone para Usuário por Ivan from Icons8

Nós recebemos a ideia em December 24, 2011 e criamos os ícones em January 30, 2012

Register, profile, login and logout

História sobre o ícone Usuário

Sure, these free vector icons could be a great way to polish up your social networking app—or, if you’re anything like me, you could download the pack, print all of the silhouettes of people out on super huge paper, spend hours trimming and gluing them to cardboard, and then stand them up around your home to fill all of the holes you have in your life. I’d love to tell you more but my fake roommate is calling me.

Usage Story about User Icon

If ever you are wondering who the user is, it’s you. Don’t forget that you are an equally important part of this computer thing as well. Without the user, things wouldn’t work, maybe not even the internet—as powerful as it is by itself. So keep that in mind whenever you feel as small as a speck of dust in this universe.

user icons
As the user, there are a lot of very crucial things that you are in control of, from your cutting edge desktop wallpaper to your meticulously selected profile photo. Thus, it only makes sense for you to choose your user icon well. It can define who you are, like whether you are a human male or a human female.

male female user icons
Choosing a user icon can also lead you to the bigger questions such as, “Do you have a moustache?” and “What hair color suits you best?”

male user icons

If along the way you change your mind about your user icon, we can probably make some special arrangements in our top secret internet laboratory and get you a symbol that best matches your hair. Here are some of the other options:
  • Orange hair
  • Blonde hair
  • Pink hair
  • Grey hair – for the old lady in all of us
female user icons

Don’t worry, it’s no big deal—we just want you to be yourself.