Icon Request

brandbrand icon
Rail of staircaseA tail of a staircase like in this icon. the stairs should be also visible but shouldn’t be the focal point
Dart programming language icon
Пельменьпельмени, пельмени в тарелке, дим-сим, кимчи-манду, один пельмень
Camp siteAn icon with a tent and a fire in the front
yandere simulator
nameicon of name channel
I need a billie eilish iconlike you know billie eilish the singer and youngest person to sweep the grammys. Ya her
toasterit would vibe
only Prime and arrow i want in gradient coloronly Prime and arrow i want in gradient color
legue of legends
Affectionate Adaptable Ambitious Amiable Artistic Bright Charismatic Chatty Cheerful Determined Easygoing Empathetic Enthusiastic Exuberant Frank Generous Hardworking Inventive Laid-back Loyal Organised Passionate Persistent Quick-wittedcan you create 30 icons for 30 qualities, make sure everyone can uses them, all skin colors, all races, all gender. Thank you so greate if you can do it. Affectionate A …
emacs, the editor
RUS 1. Пар 2. Азот 3. Химически очищенная вода (оборотная вода) 4. Воздух технический 5. Воздух КИП 6. Топливный газ природный 7. Топливный газ 8. Вода теплофикацииENG 1. Steam 2. Nitrogen 3. Chemically purified water (recycled water) 4. Technical air 5. Air instrumentation 6. Natural gas fuel 7. Fuel gas 8. Water heating