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Telefone - Ícone Grátis Online

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Cute Outline
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Cute Color
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Linha gradiente
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Windows Metro
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Ideia de ícone para Telefone
The icon shows a telephone receiver that would seen in 90's model telephone. The icon of the phone receiver has a curving handle with rectangular receiver and mouth piece of equal size.
Este ícone Telefone faz parte de um pacote de ícones de 98,400 ícones web. Ícones estão disponíveis em PNG, SVG, CSS, PDF e EPS formatos, como fonte, e em outros formatos vetoriais. Ao contrário de outros pacotes de ícone, nossos ícones web são projetados por um único designer, garantindo o estilo consistente e de qualidade.

História sobre o ícone Telefone

With the advent of Skype and cheap mobile phones, the old telephone booth is a thing of the past, but to stick a freshly printed free icon of a corded phone that you downloaded off of the internet onto the side of a telephone booth that no longer works? Priceless…

The benefits are priceless too…
  • Create a telecommunications software that nobody needs—and add a free phone icon as the program's launcher icon.
  • Even if you see them on Skype, send your friend an email telling them to call you—if that makes any sense—with a phone icon at the header.
  • Spam your newsfeed on social media with a free, old, corded phone and boast about it like it's the next big thing—of course until everyone unfriends or unfollows you.
The possibilities are endless!

Which Phone Icon to Use?

This piece explains which telephone icon to use in the user interfaces.

First of all, the icon changed a lot for the last 15 years. When I started 15 years ago, we had the classic dial telephones on the icons. Not that we were using them, but the memory was fresh. I used to draw a lot of these phones in Windows XP style for our customers.

Evolution of the phone icon

Right now, dial phones are no use probably. Interestengly, for 4 years since we started Icons8, no one ever ordered a dial phone icon.

Phone Receiver is for Voice Calls

For anything related to voice calls, use the old phone receiver. Will it be still in use in 15 years? 

Phone receiver is for voice calls

Feature Phone is for Very Limited Use

You may use it when you want to explicitly specify a 'dumbphone'. You should not use it for anything else, probably. 
Feature phone aka dumbphone icon

Smartphones are to Refer to Handsets

If you refer to the phone like a gadget, not a phone number, use a smartphone icon / cell phone icon / mobile icon.

Smartphone icon

They are great to refer to anything like:
  • Send to a mobile phone (like sending a location in Google Maps)
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile data plans
  • Pairing the gadgets, etc.
We've got a bunch of smartphones for specific use: generic one, Android, iPhone, tablets, and combinations of all kinds.

Smartphone icons
And the final tip: no Blackberries, please.
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