Ícone de Adicionar banco de dados grátis

Este é um ícone de Adicionar banco de dados. Está disponível em PNG e vetor. Download é gratuito para PNGs até 100x100px.
It's a drawing of a cylinder that is divided into three short cylinders stacked directly on top of each other. It's like the shape of a three layer cake. There is a plus sign inside of a circle that is placed over the bottom right of the cylinder to indicate, "add database."

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Ideia de ícone para Adicionar banco de dados por Conner

Nós recebemos a ideia em March 05, 2012 e criamos os ícones em April 03, 2012

info, warning, library, ticket / delete ticket, database (accept db, add to db), star(-red), zoom in/out, binary tree.

Some icons from your request such as info, warning, library, star have been created already. Please check our previous sets here http://icons8.com/download-huge-windows8-set/