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Ícone de Arquivo de vídeo em estilo Android

Este ícone Arquivo de vídeo tem estilo Android KitKat. Se você usar os ícones para aplicativos Android, recomendamos usar o nosso pacote mais recente de ícones estilo Material (consulte o nosso barra lateral à direita). Caso contrário, é um pacote de ícones sólido que parece ser bom em pequenas resoluções, seja na web ou na impressão. É caracterizada por linhas grossas, cantos suaves, e é otimizado para 24x24 pixels.
Arquivo de vídeo icon

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Ícones relacionados são os ícones com as tags correspondentes, bem como all arquivos icons. Todos os ícones são no mesmo estilo plana. Você pode baixar ícones PNG livres ou buy SVG vectors

História sobre o ícone Arquivo de vídeo

Video cameras started out as space-hogging machines mounted on wheeled tripods—used to record television shows and movies. Unlike today, regular people hardly owned them because of the hefty price tag. Video cameras started to become more widely accessible once television studios began to make their cameras more portable and mobile.

The first video camera that captured in color dates back to the late 1950’s. The cameras were bulky and used vacuum tubes that heat up over time.

Video cameras images

Solid-state components eventually came into the picture and replaced these vacuum tubes, which made the cameras more compact.

The earliest camcorders had to be plugged into a tape machine in order to function, but still sparked audience interest. Sony developed the first digital video camera in 1986, and in 2000, introduced the high definition video format to clear up the picture for everyone. By 2003, we bid goodbye to tapes, and started welcoming video cameras in our phones.
Today, videos are easily captured from wherever. Video cameras are placed on devices smaller than credit cards; you can take videos while jumping off a plane (safely), or as you dive deep into the ocean.


The video icon commonly used today is more reminiscent of the early video cameras. The icon usually indicates the availability of the video function. 

video icon
Remember when these icons were buttons?

video icons
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video icons